Information on the Processing of Personal Data


For the purpose of organizing and convening the conference and activities for the period of 30 days after the conference, together with the co-organizer of the conference:

  • INFO HOUSE d.o.o., Letališka 33, 1000 Ljubljana and
  • Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia – URADNI LIST RS, d.o.o., Dunajska 167, 1000 Ljubljana.


Personal data of website visitors is not collected – we use basic analytical cookies, but we have set them up so that the IP addresses are masquerading and using cookies can by no means determine the identity of the visitor. If you follow links to other websites from the web site, the administrator is not responsible for processing personal information on targeted websites, so we suggest that you read the information about the processing of data provided by the managers of targeted websites.

The personal details of the controller will only start if you apply to participate in the conference. In this case, you will be required to provide us with the personal data necessary for the organization and implementation of the conference (the purpose of data processing) via online application form owned by the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, d.o.o. otherwise you will not be able to participate in the conference. We will only ask for the information that is necessary for the organization and implementation of the conference. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the contract (6 / I (b) of the General Data Protection Regulation), which you enter into with the Joint Operators by accepting the General Terms of the Conference (Conference Participation Agreement).


30 days after the conference, each of the joint operators shall process personal data as a stand-alone operator for his own purposes for the possible enforcement or objection to legal claims arising from the contract of participation in the conference (5 years after the conclusion of the contract) and for the purpose of fulfilling the tax obligations of each from joint managers (10 years after registration fee).


After the expiration of 30 days after the conference, each of the joint managers, as an independent operator, will use Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1) on the basis of Article 158/1 of the Law on Electronic Communications to send you periodic advertisements (e-news). Already in the application form for the conference, you will be given the opportunity to specifically forbid each of the joint managers to send e-news. We invite you to not receive e-news immediately, but give us the opportunity to prove with their quality – you will be able to log out of the e-newsletter of each of the managers at any time later via the link in each received e-newsletter.


At any time, you may also request the following rights relating to the processing of your data relating:

  • Confirm that the data is processed and a copy of your personal information;
  • Correction of potentially inaccurate data and, in this regard, the limitation of data processing for the correction period;
  • to receive data relating to you in CSV format, or to forward your information in such format to another controller as you wish (for example, the right to data transferability).


At, you can obtain additional information about the processing of personal data related to the conference, and to this extent you exercise the above mentioned rights regarding the protection of personal data. After 30 days from the date of the conference for additional information and the exercise of rights, please contact the individual controller:

If you believe that in any way we violate your rights regarding the protection of personal data, you can at any time file a complaint or application with the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia (more information at



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